Kalanchoë Tomentosa

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Kalanchoë Tomentosa

General information

The Kalanchoë Tomentosa is also called the panda plant.
The Kalanchoë is present all over the world, from Madagascar to South America.
In the past, the product was first found in Africa. The Kalanchoë Tomentosa is related to the flowering Kalanchoë. You wouldn't think this at the first glance, but, it is.
Scientists have discovered that the Kalanchoë is a family. 

The Kalanchoë Tomentosa originally comes from Tanzania. 
Where the parent plants of the Kalanchoë Tomentosa are grown.
This plant is grown from the seed of the mother plant.

Pot sizes

The Kalanchoë Tomentosa is available in the following pot sizes:

  • 14cm


The varieties are available in the following pot sizes:

  • 14cm

Care Kalanchoë Tomentosa

Get the best out of the plant. Do not give the Kalanchoë Tomentosa too much water. Put the Kalanchoë Tomentosa in a place where the sun can get through. The plant can withstand bright sunlight very well During the summer months this plant will also be fine outdoors. Outside the plant gets the beautiful red colours on its grey leaves.

  • Not much
  • 1 year
  • Strong air purifying
  • Sunny
  • Toxic
  • Not edible


  • Tomentosa
    • 14 cm
    • 24 cm
    • 8 - 12

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