Caring for Aloë Vera

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside
Care tips:
Requires little water and hardly any during the winter. Fertilise one or twice in the spring. Report the plant to a larger pot in the spring. For re-potting use potting compost with plenty of fertilisers so that the plant can root and grow well. You can keep the Aloe Vera between a temperature from 5 to 30 degrees Celsius. Not suitable for consumption.

Caring for Rhipsalis

Rock coral
Care tips:
Copes well with sunlight.
Keep between a temperature of 5 – 28 degrees Celsius.
Watering once every 14 days is enough for the Rhipsalis.
Not suitable for consumption.

Caring for Kalanchoë

Elephant ear
Care tips:
Inside: sunny place, direct sunlight in the summer and winter.
Outside: sheltered place, direct sunlight. Protect from the rain.
Water: give this plant a small quantity of water every month. Do not give it too much water during the winter.
Temperature: 10 to 25 C.
Not suitable for consumption.

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