Sustainable trendy green plants. A must for everyone.
At Joy Plant we grow the most brilliant plants:
Aloë Vera & Rhipsalis.

We go for green and sustainable

Pot plant nursery Joy Plant has already been making the company and products sustainable for a long time. Using solar panels we can produce our own power for the business. We use as little gas as possible by growing in warm conditions during the summer and colder during the whole winter. 100% recirculation of the irrigation water. At Joy Plant we try to grow organically as much as possible.

Only creatures are used to eliminate other creatures. Due to the increasing re-use of waste all waste is separated on our site. The company has 3 very important certifications; MPS-A, GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP. Through these labels you can see that the company is working to be innovative and sustainable!

Sustainability is top priority for us

Joy Plant is convinced that the horticulture sector can make a major contribution to global sustainability. Therefore it is the ambition of Joy Plant for the whole team and working methods to work with respect for humans, nature and the environment.

More about sustainability

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